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I'm not the only one who gets bored

Happy 43rd Birthday, David Tennant! (April 18th, 1971)

Look at this photo that is TOTES mine because I stole it from the original source and slightly photoshopped it. It’s TOTES mine you guys. I should put a HUGE watermark on it because it’s SO MY PHOTO because I ran it through a photoshop filter. 


At last, a Google-Maps style interactive map of Westeros


Wow! That’s like, 6 new episodes to look forward to.







NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America  …in just 34 years.

We are killing the Earth

Forever reblog.

Oh wow


so apparently North America grows in about twice in size as well

that’s weird i don’t remember Florida being dried up it seemed fine three seconds ago when i looked out the window

huh. canada’s a desert now. Whelp, time to go inform the Canadians that instead of harsh winters they have to deal with scorching summers and arid temperatures

hey where’d the rockies go? I could’ve sworn that we had a mountain range over there.

also did NASA have HD, color pictures in space in 1978? gosh I musta missed that memo

also. did you check NASA’s website to see if they said anything about this? Hm…nope, doesn’t look like it. I wonder where this picture could’ve come from


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